Sunday, September 8, 2013

Halloween Costume: Pop Art/Comic Strip hair, makeup, and nails

Hey Everyone! I think today's look is so much fun! It's inspired by old comic strips, or pop art! I think you will like it! This tutorial has hair, makeup, and nails all in one! So look below for more pictures, the video tutorial and lists of all the items I used to achieve this look!

Nail art:

What I used for the nails:
- Red Polish (I used Red from Love & Beauty/F21)
- black acrylic paint (available at any craft store)
- white acrylic paint
- red acrylic paint
- yellow acrylic paint
- blue acrylic paint
- white nail polish (white creme from WNW)
- Revlon fast drying top coat (but you can use a matte top coat for a more animated look)

Makeup Look:

What I used for the Makeup:
- white grease paint (available at any halloween/costume store)
- red grease paint
- white setting powder (I used the one in my contour palette)
- CATTIVA eyeliner in black
- CATTIVA shadow in ROMA
- ELF black liquid liner
- NYC waterproof liner in moody blue
- blue shadow from 88 palette (original)
- NYC sheer red lipstick
- Covergirl 24 hour mascara in black

Hair Look:

What I used for the hair:
- teasing brush
- dry shampoo (suave for all hair colors)
- hair spray (TRESemmè très two freezing spray)
- bobby pins

Costume Ideas:
- anything with polka dots
- 1970's style dress
- pencil skirt with cardigan
- anything that looks retro!

Enjoy everyone! Happy Halloween!

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