Thursday, December 12, 2013

NaturaCel First Impression Review and Before Pictures

Hey Everyone,

I recently was contacted by the NaturaCel company to do a 45 day challenge and see how my skin looks using their face and eye cream. Watch the video below to see everything about this test:

To purchase NaturaCel yourself, go to:

here are my before pictures!
Check back in 45 days (January 26th) to see the results!





All pictures are taken with no makeup or face products, including moisturizers and sunscreens.
NaturaCel was provided to me for testing purposes, all opinions are my own, I am not being paid to create this review. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Fall anti-aging skin care routine!

Hey everyone!

My latest video is all about my Fall anti-aging skin care. Since I am about to be 30, my skin really has drastically changed just in the last couple of years. Where I used to be severely dry, I now have combination skin. I also have enlarged pores, black heads, white heads, and wrinkles! Now, I am constantly on the hunt for items that will not only nourish my skin, but take care of my troubled spots, and even out my complexion.

Check out my video here:

Here are the items featured in the video and a little mini review of each product:

- Hill Country Essentials Invigorating Morning Facial Cleanser / compared to Neutrogena Morning Burst Facial Cleanser
I really love this facial wash. I can use it in the morning or at night and it gives the skin a slight tingle. The little microbeads do feel a bit like an exfoliant, which I love, and it smells really nice. It also removes quite a bit of makeup, so I don't have to scrub my face raw with a makeup cleansing cloth.

- L'Oreal go 360 clean for sensitive skin
This is my go-to holy grail of drugstore facial cleansers. I keep this one in the shower and love the little scrubletes that come with it, it makes it really feel like it's getting deep down into my pores and cleaning. I also think the scent is so light, its almost nonexistent, which I LOVE! It lathers rather well too. The sensitive skin one has never broken me out, however the exfoliating one has.

- Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
This is THEBOMB.COM!!! I love this masque!! It has made my skin so much more even, less combination, taken care of many black heads, and enlarged I really need to go on? I love how it smells, very minty. It goes on cool, but dries a little warm and is easy to rinse off. I use this at least once a week.
- Hill Country Essentials Deep Cleansing Nose Strips / Compared to Biore nose strips
I use these little guys once a week to get rid of my pesky white and black heads. The only problem I have had is with them really sticking to the tip of my nose where I have the most black heads, but it most definitely gets rid of the white heads. CAUTION: these will make your pores on your nose "open" so you need to use a toner to close them...
- Aveda Botanical Kinetics skin firming/toning agent
So, since I filmed this review, I have purchased this toner, and let me say...I love it! It smells so amazing (as all Aveda products do), and it's so friggin easy to use! No cotton balls, no dry time, just spray and go! I haven't noticed any break outs, just a nice even complexion. No super oily spots, no crazy dry spots. And the best pores are looking super small and my black heads are almost nonexistent on my nose!!!
- St.Ives collagen elastin moisturizer

My new Holy Grail of moisturizer! My skin looks and feels firmer, and the lines around my eyes and the laugh lines on my cheeks are looking much less visible. I also feel like my skin doesn't look as red as it normally does, so that is a major plus for me. The only downside to this, like I said in the video, is the smell....yuck! Straight up OLD LADY! But if you can get past that for about 30 seconds while it dries on your skin, you are going to love this product...if you can't, sorry bout ya! You're gonna miss out!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Water Fairy Makeup Tutorial - Halloween Costume

This is Lagan's first tutorial up on youtube! She helped film, edit, and did all of the voice over, I am so proud of her! She even came up with the entire concept of the look and just told me what to do!

I think it turned out so cute! This will actually be her costume for Halloween this year!
If you want to see the water fairy tutorial watch here:

For the hair, we just did a simple sock bun, we will do a tutorial for this soon if you want to see how. Her wings are part of our Halloween Haul, we got them at Savers, but they can be purchased at any Halloween store! Her dress is from Victoria's Secret, and the shoes are from Target!

For the makeup we used:
MaryKay foundation in Ivory 3
Rimmel white eyeliner
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in milk
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in purple
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in baby blue
NYC eyeliner in moody blue
Dark and Light blue and purple shadows from 88 palette 
CATTIVA eyeliner in black
Covergirl 24 hour mascara in very black
ELF liquid liner in silver
Essence glitter liner in silver
Jewels in different sizes and shapes, we used different shades of blue, purple, and clear...use lash glue to adhere them to the face. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Makeup Tutorial for 2013

Hey Everyone! This is my first look for Fall this year! I am so excited for the seasons to actually change here. This week has been in the 90's and last night we had so much rain that part of the downstairs of my house was flooded! That was not fun to clean up...I have rugs thrown over all my tables drying out and I am going to have to get my hardwood replaced! :(

But if the weather is cooler in your neck of the woods and you are looking for a warm makeup look that shows off the season's best trends, check out the tutorial below!

What I Used:
ELF liquid liner in Black
ELF studio golden bronzer
ELF studio blush in Blushing Rose
ELF e/s quad in luxe (for brows)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Evil Queen Costume and Makeup Tutorial

I'm feeling a bit EVIL today....this is my rendition of an evil queen! There are so many different evil queen's so I took inspiration from them all and made my own look!

Make sure to watch the tutorial and scroll down to see costume ideas!

Click here for the tutorial:

What I used for the Hair:
I curled the hair with a 1/2 in marcel iron
bobby pins
hair spray of choice

What I used for the Makeup:
ELF e/s quad in Day 2 Night
ELF e/s quad in Ocean Dreams
ELF liquid liner in black
ELF glitter liner in Copper
NYC waterproof liner in Teal
Lashes of choice (optional)
Covergirl lashblast 24 hour mascara in blackest black
Revlon colorstay foundation
cream contour and highlight color
Maybelline blush in Brick Rose

Costume Ideas:
Check out these amazing ideas for DIY costume ideas using everyday clothes!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Costume - Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is without a doubt my favorite villainess! She is smart, sexy, and who doesn't like wearing red and green outside of Christmas? Check out below for the tutorial to this look and a list of everything
that I used for it, as well as costume ideas!

Here is the tutorial:

For the nails I used:
acrylic paint in a dark green and a light green
Revlon fast drying top coat (2 coats)

For the hair I used:
Faux Ivy

For the makeup I used:
Essence eyeliner in Think Khaki
88 original eyeshadow palette (black, dark green, medium green, light green, and pale green, and red)
ELF studio cream eyeliner in black
Covergirl 24 hour mascara in blackest black
Maybelline eraser concealer
Milani blush in Sunset Beach
ELF studio blush in Berry Merry
Essence liner in Remember Amber (its actually an eyeliner!)
NYX lipstick in Circe
NYC lipstick in Retro Red
Victoria's Secret beauty rush lipgloss

Costume Ideas:
Pin lots of faux leaves and ivy to your costume, and make sure to put them in your hair.
Get a long red wig if your hair isn't already red like mine.
Check out these awesome costumes!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween tutorial - The Devil

I am in love with today's tutorial! Satan! Im not in love with Satan, just the way this turned out! lol
If you are looking for a great last minute costume idea, this is it! Just get some devil horns, and you are good to go!

Watch the Tutorial here:

What I used for the hair:

What I used for the makeup:
88 original palette (vanilla and red colors)
ELF liquid eyeliner in black
ELF creme eyeliner in black
Covergirl 24 hour lashblast mascara in blackest black
Eye lash glue

NYC lipstick in Retro Red

Maybelline FitMe foundation
ELF studio blush in Blushing Rose

What I used for the nails:
Red base color: OPI in Thanks so muchness
Darker red for Ombre: China Glaze in Ravishing Dahling
Black: WNW in black creme
Revlon fast drying top coat
NYC clear glitter

Costume Ideas:
wear any red or black dress you have, even all black top and pants
wear gothic style jewelry and devil horns

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kids Halloween Costume: Cleopatra

Hey Everyone! Today we did our first kids tutorial, but of course you can do it on anyone, any age! We had so much fun doing this, L was sad to take it off! Hope you enjoy!

Here is the tutorial:

for the nails we used:
- L.A. Color craze nail polish in BCC580 (teal)
- Pure Ice nail polish in Jaguar
- Milani glitter in 531 Gold
- black and white acrylic paints
- gold rhinestones (optional)
- striping tape
-Revlon fast drying top coat

for the makeup we used:
- concealer for a base on the eyes
- yellow and teal shadows from the 88 original palette
- ELF liquid liner in black
- ELF gel liner in black
- NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in gold
- gold eye shadow (I used the one from Covergirl's Coffee Shop quad)
- dark brown and black shadows for the eyebrows
- Mascara *L didn't wear any because her eyes were bothering her due to allergies!
- foundation of choice
(we used Mary Kay because L's skin is extremely sensitive, she is an Ivory 3)
- ELF Studio golden bronzer
- NYX lipstick in Metis
- gold eyeshadow (same as the eyes)
- highlight color for centers
(we used ELF bronzer in luminosity)

for the hair we used:
- an old black wig!
I got this wig for L last year for her Katniss Everdeen costume. I combed it out and put it on BACKWARDS! Then I cut the bangs to the proper length and snipped about 9 inches off the end.
These cheap wigs are available at Walmart every year for around $8!

for the costume we used:
- black tank top
- bobby pin necklace (simply take any plain necklace and add black and gold bobby pins in desired pattern...make sure they are all facing one way!)
- necklace for head piece
- black wig, we cut the length and bangs
- LOTS of gold jewelry!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Halloween Costume: The Great Gatsby - Flapper Inspired Tutorial

I just LOVE the great Gatsby! The movie is visually stunning and totally inspired me to create this tutorial! I wanted to make a look that could belong to any of the women at the grand parties that Jay Gatsby hosts at his home! If you are going to be a flapper for halloween, I hope you will find this tutorial helpful!

Check out the tutorial for nails, hair, and makeup here:

For the Nails I used:
Revlon polish in Gold Coin on all fingers
striping tape
Wet N Wild black creme nail polish
Revlon fast drying top coat
gold nail studs

For the Hair I used:
L.A. Looks mega mega hold hair gel 
TRESemmé tres 2 freezing hairspray

For the Makeup I used:
ELF eye primer
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Gold
28 neutral palette (top right for purple, 2nd row - 2nd in from the left for off white) - or you can use MAC beauty marked and vanilla
Gold eyeshadow (I used the gold from Covergirl's coffee shop quad)
ELF creme liner in black
Covergirl lashblast 24 hour in blackest black
(for my eyebrows I used the red color from the Luxe quad from ELF, and a concealer palette to outline and make them look sharp)
Maybelline instant age rewind concealer
Maybelline Fit Me foundation
contour palette (pink for face, white for under eyes, contour for nose and cheeks)
NYX blush in blushing rose
NYC lipliner in nude
NYC lipstick in Mahogany
CATTIVA lipgloss in #6

Costume ideas:
pinstripe suits
flapper dresses
head bands across the head
low heels
form fitting wrap dresses 
faux cigarettes with holder  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Halloween Costume: Pop Art/Comic Strip hair, makeup, and nails

Hey Everyone! I think today's look is so much fun! It's inspired by old comic strips, or pop art! I think you will like it! This tutorial has hair, makeup, and nails all in one! So look below for more pictures, the video tutorial and lists of all the items I used to achieve this look!

Nail art:

What I used for the nails:
- Red Polish (I used Red from Love & Beauty/F21)
- black acrylic paint (available at any craft store)
- white acrylic paint
- red acrylic paint
- yellow acrylic paint
- blue acrylic paint
- white nail polish (white creme from WNW)
- Revlon fast drying top coat (but you can use a matte top coat for a more animated look)

Makeup Look:

What I used for the Makeup:
- white grease paint (available at any halloween/costume store)
- red grease paint
- white setting powder (I used the one in my contour palette)
- CATTIVA eyeliner in black
- CATTIVA shadow in ROMA
- ELF black liquid liner
- NYC waterproof liner in moody blue
- blue shadow from 88 palette (original)
- NYC sheer red lipstick
- Covergirl 24 hour mascara in black

Hair Look:

What I used for the hair:
- teasing brush
- dry shampoo (suave for all hair colors)
- hair spray (TRESemmè très two freezing spray)
- bobby pins

Costume Ideas:
- anything with polka dots
- 1970's style dress
- pencil skirt with cardigan
- anything that looks retro!

Enjoy everyone! Happy Halloween!